At ComicCon Orphan Black panel: 

A young woman thanks the show for giving her the courage to come out of the closet and for writing Cosima as a character who was not defined by her sexuality.

She said that her parents were not okay with her being gay but watching «Orphan Black» with her mother helped them rebuild their relationship.

While Tatiana Maslany is fighting back her tears and is rendered speechless, Jordan Gavaris jumps in with this awesome response.


Probably to a fault in my own personal relationships I’ve struggled with this overpowering compassion. Just last night I was talking with a friend about an ex-partner who I was with for five years, and then when we broke up I spent two years trying to make it work as a friendship. People told me to let it go, that it was too painful, it wasn’t normal—but to me it felt so profoundly sad that I would completely detach from this person who I had this intense, wonderful relationship with, who knew me so well and who I shared such compassion with even if there were things about our relationship that became wrong or difficult. I witnessed that with my parents’ friendship: when they broke up they had to overcome terrible things between them, but they put those things aside to raise us—at least, they put those things aside in a way that made those things not our responsibility. I grew up with that forgiving compassion around me, and for me, that’s the real struggle, however passionate or hurt we feel. There’s this panic to make it okay, to make the person happy, to be forgiven.

- Sara Quin (via love-pullyoursoreribs-in)

this made me break into tears. 

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